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Xuanwu Lake

Why is Xuanwu Lake special?


Xuanwu Lake, situated at the foot of Mt. Zhongshan in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province hosts many places of interests and historical relics. Historical cultural figures set foot here and left behind many poems in admiration of the lake, some of their remains can still be traced today.


The history of Xuanwu Lake can be traced back to the Pre-Qin period (21century BC-221 BC). According to the legend, in the Southern Dynasty a black dragon was seen in the lake. Chinese Daoists believed that the black dragon was a water god appearing as the uniform of a turtle and snake, called Xuanwu. Hence the lake was called Xuwu Lake.


Along the scenic belt around the lake, you can enjoy the morning glory in Xuanwu, visit Wumiao Sluice Gate, stroll by the ancient city wall and walk on the Ten-Mile-Dyke. You can also have a good time in the Water Paradise or relax yourself in the natural Metasequoia Oxygen Bar.


Xuanwu Lake Highlights


Xuanwu Lake is dotted with five green isles, connected by bridges or dykes, each owning an attractive and unique flavor. The beauty of the city, the lake, the woods and the hills is all merged into one --- the Xuanwu Lake.


Ring Isle


Ring Isle, embracing Cherry Isle like a ring, is famous for its camphor trees and French parasol trees in the mists of spring. Amid a rockery with falls stand two pieces of stone similar in appearance to a boy worshiping Goddess of Mercy. Lotus Square -- a large-scale and well-assorted water scenery that integrates musical fountains, laser and water-screened movie into one is also located here.


Cherry Isle


Cherry Isle has long been noted for its cherries and myriad of flowers. Lots of cherry trees used to be planted all over the isle and the cherries were served as tribute.


Liang Isle


Liang Isle is named because of Zhaoming, the crown prince of the Liang Dynasty once built “Liang Garden” here according to one legend. It is well-known for its autumn chrysanthemum, thus an annual chrysanthemum show is held on the isle. Along this isle, tourists can visit the Temple of the Lake’s God, the Sightseeing Building and the Friendship Hall.


Water Chestnut Isle


Water Chestnut Isle is so called because lots of water chestnuts used to be grown in the pond. Ever since ancient times, it has been famous for its changing mountain mists. The number one world of birds in China is situated on the isle. The main attraction of the isle goes to a three-dimensional flowerbed named Two Dragons Play a Pearl.


Green Isle


Green Isle is much appreciated for its varieties of trees and tranquility. Pines, green cedars, tender willows and light-green bamboos all help to make it a unique and satisfying place for ecological recreation.

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