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Purple Mountain

Purple Mountain (also called Tzu-chin Mountain) is located east suburb to Nanjing, Jiangsu Province. In the ancient times, the Purple Mountain is a place to bury emperors and heroes. Coming into the modern era, it is developed into a famous tourist attraction of Nanjing. From a far view, the mountain looks like a huge dragon flying. It is rewarded as an AAAAA-level Scenic Area of China


Why the Mt Purple is special


Purple Mountain is known as the “lung of Nanjing”. This massive, forested park boasts fresh and cool air. It is a best place to escape from the muggy, polluted city center.


Mt Purple highlights


There are a lot of tourist attractions situated at Mt Purple area, including Ming Xiaoling Mausoleum, Sun Yat-sen Mausoleum, and Toutuo Peak tourist area. Each of these destinations costs more than half day to visit.


If you are a big fan of hiking, the mountain containing a huge network of paths is a perfect place to go. There are several entrances and from each entrance, paths extend to the top of the mountain.


Except for the picturesque scenery, Mt Zijin is also famous for the Purple Mountain Observatory which is the cradle of China’s modern astronomy. If you are interested in astronomy, then stop by the observatory and have visit during your hiking on the mountain is a good choice.


The best times to visit the Purple Mountain are spring and autumn when the weather is cool. In spring, you can appreciate the plum blossoms on Meihua Mountain in full bloom while in autumn, red leaves on Qixia Mountain attracts number of tourists.

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