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Changchun Attractions

  • Jingyue Lake National Forest Park

    Jingyue Lake National Forest Park

    The Jingyue Lake National Forest Park sits in the southeast of Changchun, covering an area of 96.38 square kilometers, with over 4.3 square kilometers water surface and 80 square kilometers forest. The park has an ecological system with more than 30 kinds of trees and is an ideal summer retreat. T... Read more>>
  • Imperial Palace of Manchu State

    Imperial Palace of Manchu State

    The Imperial Palace of Manchu State sits in Changchun, Jilin province, which used to be the official residence of China’s last emperor Puyi who was set as a puppet governor by the Japanese Army to control the northeast three provinces or Manchukuo during the World War II. Now the construction has ... Read more>>
  • Changbai Mountain

    Changbai Mountain

    The Changbai Mountain is located in Changchun, Jilin Province, and borders the Democratic People's Republic of Korea in the south. It is a dormant volcano, and boasts rare animals, marvelous lakes, amazing hot springs, and forests that could stretch to the horizon. Due to its splendid scenery and r... Read more>>
  • Beidahu Ski Resort

    Beidahu Ski Resort

    The Beidahu Ski Resort is located in the Jilin economic development zone, sitting 53 kilometers away from downtown Changchun and 126 kilometers away from Changchun Longjia International Airport. The resort is a comprehensive travel spot, equipped with several ski resorts, hotels, restaurants and ma... Read more>>
  • Banruo Temple

    Banruo Temple

    Sitting in Changchun, Jilin Province, the Banruo Temple is the largest Buddhist temple in this municipal city,  is close to the People Square and easy to find. The Temple was initially built in 1920s which was rebuilt in the northeast corner of the People Square, covering an area of 7,200 square me... Read more>>
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