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Jingyue Lake National Forest Park

The Jingyue Lake National Forest Park sits in the southeast of Changchun, covering an area of 96.38 square kilometers, with over 4.3 square kilometers water surface and 80 square kilometers forest. The park has an ecological system with more than 30 kinds of trees and is an ideal summer retreat.

The Jingyue Lake National Forest Park is a forest bathing place. This scenic spot in the park, which opened in 1999 is known as a "natural oxygen bar" and has been visited by many tourists from China and abroad. When Party Secretary Jiang Zemin paid a visit to Northeast China in August 2000, he made a special trip to the Forest Bathing Place and took a stroll through the forest. This is the key scenic spot in the park and has a tourist center. Thanks to its abundance of oxygen, it is ideal for exercise and good for your overall health.

The Jingyue Lake National Forest Park is a deer park. This is also one of the main scenic spots in the park where there are more than 500 members of the deer family, such as the Changbaishan sika deer, Tienshan wapiti, Greater Khingan reindeer, and elk, as well as some African ostriches in the garden. It also holds the Ginseng Garden, the Herbal Treasure Garden, and Pear Blossom Garden.

The Jingyue Lake National Forest Park has a Siberian Tiger Safari Park. The main gate of this part of the Forest Park is just across a road from the Changchun Film Century City. It is Changchun's first safari park where the animals roam freely. It has 2,200 square meters of cages and shelters for animals and 67,000 square meters of ground for them to play in.

The Siberian Tiger Safari Park in the Jingyue Lake National Forest Park has six areas presenting different groups of animals, with more than 60 types of rare animals such as the Siberian tiger, African lion, sika deer and red-crowned cranes, numbering around 2,000 in all. And also, the Jingyue Lake National Forest Park holds a number of animal performances and an "Animal Parade", where tourists and animals can have fun together. That park has the obligation for securing wild animals and breeding endangered species.

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