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Delicacy in Changchun has a special position among all the dishes in China. It has absorbed the merits of many other China’s cuisines, such as Shandong cuisine. Moreover, Changchun cuisine is famous for the dishes of wild animals and some valuable animals are added to dishes. The flavors of some other snacks are featured by that of the Korean ethnic group.

Ginseng Chicken

Ginseng is one of the three treasures of northeast China and a valuable tonic which produced only in Jilin Province. The ingredients of this dish include ginseng and a hen of less than one-year-old. Put the ginseng inside the hen, then immerse the hen into soup, boil it then stew it. Ginseng Chicken is both attractive and nourishing.

Steamed White Fish

The Songhua River is abundant of White Fish, called Bai Yu in Chinese. The meat of the White Fish is quite tender. So many restaurants in Changchun provide the steamed White Fish. There are two ways of steaming: One is 'dry steaming' without soup; and the other is 'steaming with some soup'. The soup is full of the flavor of fish, which tastes very mild and delicious.

The Manchu Eight Dishes

As its name suggested, the Manchu Eight Dishes is very typical in Manchu. It is composed of stir-fried tofu with potherb mustard, brine shrimp egg tofu, grilled pig feet, burning frogs, stewed chicken with mushroom, braised streaky pork with pickled vegetables, toon fish, and A Ma Zun Rou (the meat from pig such as pig heart, pig tails, pig ears). But now few restaurants in Changchun provide this dish, so if you are lucky enough to find a restaurant offering this dish, you shouldn't miss the Manchu Eight Dishes.

Roasted Deer’s Tail

The main ingredient is deer's tails and some other flavoring substance like scallion, ginger, mustard, etc. We all know that deer’s tail are rare and therefore it was very expensive, so this dish is rarely seen in ordinary restaurants, and it always serves as a rare dish in high-level banquet. This dish is mellow and with red juice with strong and delicious flavor. If you find that dish, never miss it.

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