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Changchun Travel Season Tips

Winter is the best time to visit Changchu because of its fancy snow-covered landscape and unique wusong, beautiful rime hung on the branches. Changchun has a semi-wet, monsoon type climate. So temperatures there vary a lot throughout the year. The four seasons are clearly defined with spring being dry and windy; summer, short and cool; autumn, sunny and warm during the day but cold at night; the weather in winter is cold, and the city is permanent covered with snow. The average annual temperature is about 4.8 degree centigrade. Therefore, Changchun is regarded as a city of ice.

In general, there are no distinctive differences between the first three seasons if you want to travel in Changchun. The temperatures of the three seasons are generally temperate and pleasant, with a little bit hot during day time and a little bit cool or cold at night. The days are always sunny, which is a good place to have some relaxed. Since Changchun is located in the northwest China, which has high latitude, it is an ideal place to get rid of burnt sunshine and enjoy a cooler environment in the first three seasons.

But when it comes to winter, everything changes. It is extremely cold, but that’s just the point. Changchun is the place to enjoy snow,ice and all relevant activities. For those who grew up in a warm or hot environment, tourists will experience unprecedented chill and might get lost in the white world. Besides, Changchun will hold many activities in winter, such as the Changchun Jingyuetan Ice & Snow Festival. If you want to know what an ice world is, just come to Changchun.

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