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Huangshan Travel Season Tips

Huangshan belongs to a subtropical monsoon humid climate with four distinct seasons. The average annual temperature ranges from 15℃-16℃. Rainfall is plentiful, with an annual precipitation of 2,348 mm.


Spring in Huangshan is from late March to May. The average temperature is from 5°C to 10°C. It is mostly rainy, misty, and cloudy. Spring arrives late in Huangshan, with the brilliantly blooming flowers and fresh, crisp air. It is one of the best seasons here, yet it is not the busiest. There won’t be too many visitors other than May 1-3, which is the Labor Day holiday in China. You can enjoy an ideal journey in spring here.


Summer in Huangshan is from June to September. The temperature ranges from 13°C to 19°C, with more rainfall than spring. In summer, Huangshan becomes a sea of green. It might be hot at the foot of the mountain, but it gets cooler when you go higher up. Summer is the rainiest season and the air is also at its clearest. You can enjoy views of the mountains even with a distance. The peaks would be surrounded with mist after the rain, creating dream-like scenery. Summer is a relative busy season, since the long summer holiday for Chinese students falls in July and August. The Yellow Mountains region would be crowded in this period.


Fall is from October to November. The temperature ranges from 4°C to 11°C. The temperature turns cold, with less rainfall than in summer. The climate is very comfortable and the scenery is stunningly beautiful in autumn. The Yellow Mountains region is one of the best places in China to enjoy fall foliage. The first week of October, from October 1-7, makes the peak period of Mt Huangshan. Due to Chinese national holiday, Huangshan would be full of visitors, and it costs more to travel and stay in hotels.


Winter is from December to March. The temperature during the daytime is about 3°C and it drops to about -6°C at night. The weather is freezing, but spectacular snowscapes on top of the mountains can be seen every year. Seas of cloud linger in the cold days in winter and the pine trees are frozen with rime, turning the mountains into a beautiful picture. The mountainside is much less crowded and it is much cheaper to travel as well. If you want to save your budget, it would be a great time to visit.

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