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Hong Kong Palace Museum: A new cultural landmark of Hong Kong

Why the Hong Kong Palace Museum is Special?


Designed by Rocco Design Architects Associates Limited, the Hong Kong Palace Museum is showed to be a new and modern interpretation of traditional aesthetics, drawing inspiration from Chinese art and architecture, as well as Hong Kong’s urban environment.


The Hong Kong Palace Museum is located at the western tip of the West Kowloon Cultural District where it looks out over sweeping views of Hong Kong’s iconic Victoria Harbour.


The Hong Kong Palace Museum occupies some 13,000 square metres with a total floor area of about 30,000 square metres and exhibition space of 7,800 square metres.


It offers barrier-free facilities and nursery rooms with ample rest areas both inside and outside, as well as an range of amenities including an auditorium, learning spaces, a gift shop, and dining areas. Metro, bus, taxi or private car are all easily accessible.


What's on at Hong Kong Palace Museum?


The opening exhibitions of Hong Kong Place Museum is jointly curated with the Palace Museum in Beijing. More than 900 pieces of priceless treasure from the Palace Museum will be put on display on rotation. Some of the pieces are being shown in Hong Kong for the first time. 13 precious art objects loaned from the Louvre Museum in Paris are also showcased!


In the thematic exhibitions, a wide range of topics are covered, such as architecture, art collections, cultural exchanges between China and foreign countries in the Ming and Qing dynasties, court life and culture, the museum’s role in intangible cultural heritage transmission, Chinese art collections and multimedia installations from Hong Kong artists. The special exhibitions showcase Chinese paintings and calligraphic works from the Palace Museum and artworks that demonstrate the significance of horses in both Chinese and world cultures.


Date: 02 July, 2022 - 02 July, 2023


Website: www.hkpm.org.hk/en/exhibition



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