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Hong Kong Travel Overview

Set in the conjunction of the Pearl River and the South China Sea, Hong Kong is a city of abundance since the ancient times. Hong Kong is a metropolis as well, for it served as the financial center, economic center, and transportation hub of China. With magnificent natural landscapes and profound cultural deposit, Hong Kong city has been praised as the Glistening Pearl of the Eastern World.


Hong Kong is a famous city with a long history. Its long-run development began as a coastal island geographically located off the southern coast of China. As a fishing village, Hong Kong produced salt production and provided trading ground. After the return of Hong Kong to China, it is evolved into the strategic importance and eventually an international financial centre that supports 33% of the foreign capital flows into China.


The total area of Hong Kong is 1070 square kilometers with a population of 7.11 million by the end of 2011. The official languages of Hong Kong are Chinese and English, most local residents speak Cantonese. Climate in Hong Kong is sub-tropical. During November and December there are pleasant breezes, plenty of sunshine and comfortable temperatures, January and February are cloudier, with occasional cold fronts followed by dry northerly winds. November to December, February to April are regarded as the best season to Hong Kong by tourists.


Hong Kong is a famous tourist destination. The landscape of the city embodies the beauty of modernization. Victoria Harbor, the Disney Land, Causeway Bay, and Ocean Park, all of these attractions serve as the characteristics of the unique features of a metropolis in southern China. Hong Kong, as a famous shopping center has most well known shopping places such as Stanley Market, Tsim Sha Tsui, and Central Plaza. Hong Kong is a good choice for all kinds of visitors. No matter holidaymakers, business traveler or parents who want to give their children an unforgettable vacation could have a fantastic experience in Hong Kong.


Hong Kong is evaluated as one of China’s major tourist cities. It attracts million of people each year. Most visitors who have been to Hong Kong are impressed by its high modernization level, bustling shopping centers, and multi-culture environment.

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