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Man Mo Temple

Man Mo Temple was built in 1847 by Taoists during the colonial era to worship two of their gods, the god of literature named Man Cheong who was born in AD 287 and the god of force, Mo, who was born in AD 160. It is said that Mo fought against oppression and injustice for his life but was murdered by his enemies.


Why the Man Mo Temple is special


Man Mo Temple is the oldest temple in Hong Kong. Located in the central area of Hong Kong Island, it stands half way up Victoria Peak. Nowadays people go pray for success in examination and academic performance in the Man Mo temples.


Man Mo Temple highlights


Man Mo Temple houses a number of old relics, among which the most renowned one is a bronze bell made in 1847. Now the bell has undergone several times’ renovation but you still are able to see the original appearance protected in the temple.


If you come to the temple on some certain feast days, an old ceremony which cuts off a chicken's head and burn yellow paper to the ground may be held. Through the ceremony, people hope to invoke the gods to punish people who break their oath and behave improperly.


From the temple, you can take a hiking up to Victoria Peak and visit the nearby Zoological and Botanical Garden where live a variety of small animals. Children especially love this small zoo with animals up close in cages.


Travel tips


Man Mo temple is open daily between 8:00 am and 6:00 pm. To get there you could take the Mid-Level Escalators which may take you a few minutes from the IFC Mall near the ferry docks. Alternatively, the temple can be reached by bus Line 26 from Des Voeux Road at the stop in front of the HSBC building.

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