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Po Lin Monastery

Situated on a mountainous area of Lantau Island, Po Lin Monastery was initially a small temple constructed by three Buddhists in 1924. Over the years, more structures including the big temple and the world's largest Big Buddha were undertaken. Nowadays it has become one of the top must-go destinations for visitors to Hong Kong.


Why the Po Lin Monastery is special


Located near Lantau Peak, Po Lin Monastery is one of Hong Kong's most popular Buddhist temples. Take a stroll around the different buildings, halls, and temples visitors could also have a chance to encounter and discover various figures and gods of the Buddhism religion. Surrounded by lush green and hilly mountain, Po Lin Monastery is a beautiful way to enjoy the tranquil setting. It is a top destination for tourists to experience the natural and cultural side of Hong Kong.


Po Lin Monastery highlights


Tian Tan Buddha


Measures 34 meters in height and 250 tones in weight, the Tian Tan Buddha statue in the Po Lin Monastery is world's largest bronze Buddha statue. The statue faces north-east towards Beijing. There is a stairway with about 260 steps up to the top of the hill. During some Chinese holidays and festivals, this majestic bronze Buddha draws pilgrims from all over Asia. It is free to visit the Big Buddha but visitor has to purchase a vegetarian coupon to enter a 3 stories exhibition hall beneath the Big Buddha.


Vegetarian food


Except for admiring the big Buddha Statue and beautiful natural landscape, visitors are also attracted to the monastery by delicious vegetarian food. It is said that the Po Lin Monastery cooks the best vegetarian food of Hong Kong. When you're hungry from that hike up and down the stairs to the big Buddha, you can go to Po Lin Monastery's Vegetarian Restaurant, dine outside and enjoy the scenery, or if you're an air-con fanatic, dine inside. The meal starts with a soup of winter melon, vegetables and burdock which are very subtly flavored. Sweet corn and green peas with tofu are all the most reputed dishes for the naturally yummy.

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