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Youmin Temple

The Youmin Temple, located just north of Bayi Park, is the only complete temple in Nanchang with 1400-year history. Covering an area of about 9,000 m², this Buddhist temple is in wonderful condition and in active use.


The Youmin Temple, founded in 547 AD, was originally called the Dafo (Great Buddha) Temple in Liang Dynasty. Legend has it that the temple's large statue of the Buddha was cast by the dragon dwelled underneath the town well. It was not until the Republican years that it assumed its present name.


The Youmin Temple is the cradle of the Hongzhou school of Chinese Buddhism for it had played a major role in disseminating the doctrines of the Chan school of Chinese Buddhism. After the celebrated monk Mazu (709-788) achieved enlightenment as a disciple of the Chan master Huai Rang (677-744) at Southern Holy Mountain and arrived in present-day Nanchang, he settled in the Youmin Temple and devoted himself to preaching the Chan discipline. He eventually acquired a following of more than 130 disciples who helped spread Huai Rang's theories in the Yangtze River valley and formed a school of their own – the Hongzhou school of Chinese Buddhism.


Today, only a small number of buildings of the Youmin Temple are of the Qing legacy because of a heavy damage before, most of them were built in recent years. The temple is in a place of fabulous scenic beauty with the limpid Nanhu Lake right beside it, which is thronged with visitors on weekends and during holidays. It is also the headquarters of the Jiangxi Provincial Buddhist Association.


Location: NO.181, Minde Road, Donghu District, Nanchang City

Administration fee: ¥2

Opening time:9:00 – 18:00

How to go: Take bus NO.230 and get off atthe Youmin Temple station.

Recommended time for visit: 1-2 hours

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