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Poyanghu National Forest Park

Occupying more than 4, 000 km² in North Jiangxi Province, Poyang Lake is the largest fresh water lake in China as well as the second largest lake, just next to Qinghai Lake (also known as  Lake Koko Nor).


Poyang Lake is an important ecological function reserve for it is the biggest bird sanctuary in the world. From every year’s autumn, numerous migrant birds will leave Russia, Siberia, Mongolia, Japan, North Korea and North China, and after thousands of kilometers’ trip they arrive in Poyang Lake to enjoy a warm winter.


There are more than 300 hundred species of birds amongst over 50 kinds of precious rare species like white cranes.


The best travel time to Poyang Lake is from the middle of November to next year’s March.


Location: Poyanghu Lake, Poyang County, Shangrao City

How to go:

  1. One could take long-distance bus at Nanchang to visit Poyang County; or one may firstly go to Leping County, then take long-distance bus to Poyang County.
  2. One may take free transition to the forest park from downtown area of Poyang County.

Opening time: 08:30-17:00

Cruise time: 09:00-15:30

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