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Nanchang Rice Noodles


Nanchang rice noodles is a must-eat dish with time-honored history. Noodles are made of good-quality rice so they are white, flawless and chewy. It can be stirred, mixed, fried, stewed with ginger, garlic, sesame oil, soy sauce, chopped green onion and chili or pepper – the last two ingredients are very popular in Nanchang. Travelers could find this dish at every breakfast restaurants in Nanchang.


Soup in Crock


It is a traditional South-Chinese dish made by mineral water and all kinds of meat and vegetables. All the ingredients will be poured into some huge, thick crocks and heated by charcoal fire for at least 7 hours. The top 3 popular soups amongst Nanchang citizens are Pear and Duck Soup, Burdock and Rib soup as well as Cuttlefish and Rib Soup. This dish rise to fame for being cheap but tasty.


Sugar Cake


Made of glutinous rice, the sugar cake is a household dessert which looks like a big ring. It has been fried to yellow first and then dipped in sugar, hence this cute sweet tastes crispy outside but sticky inside. Many travelers consider it as the NO.1 street-food in Nanchang city.

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