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Meiling Scenic Spot

Meiling Scenic Spot is located in Nanchang, Jiangxi Provincewith Poyang Lake on the east and Mt.Lu on the north. It is not only a favorite summer resort for tourists, but also the cradle of Chinese classical rhythm and Jing Ming School of Taoist with precipitous mountains and humanistic landscapes.


With a total area of 150 square kilometers, the forest coverage of Meiling Scenic Spot exceeds 71.2%. Meiling features a subtropical monsoon climate, and the weather is relatively moderate with an annual average temperature under 17℃. Due to the pleasant climate and terrain, Meiling is also regarded as "the little Mt.Lu".


The Major attractions of Meiling consist of many gorgeous sceneries, including Hongya Dan wells, Meiling Dragon pond, Bamboo Sea Pearl, Xi Yao Lake, and Lion Peak. Here are the brief introductions of the beauty spots in Meiling.


Hongya Dan Well, the leading scenery of Meiling, is one of the top ten examples of scenery in Yuzhang as well as one of the oldest historic sites of China. The well has already existed around 5,500–6,000 years which is also said to be the origin of ancient Chinese music. Dragon Pond with the natural scenery as the basis, mountain style, folk customs for the cultural connotations. Dragon Pond is famous of winding streets, waterfalls, singing river etc. Bamboo Sea Pearl, located in the hinterland of Meiling scenic area, is previously known as Meiling peak with the height of over 800 meters above sea level. Situated in Luohan mountain, Xi Yao lake is the highest peak of the scenic area in Meiling in Nanchang with 841 meters above the sea level, and it’s also one of the thirteen summer resort in China. Meiling Lion Peak is shaped like a crooked lion, so people named it the Lion Peak.


Location: Wanli district, Nanchang city, Jiangxi province

Administration fee: 40 yuan

Opening time: 9:00 - 17:00 (excluding drifting)

How to go: Take the tour bus at downtown; or take the bus No. 219 and get off at the Wanlistation, then transfer to bus No. 112 to enter the scenic spots

Recommended time for visit: 6-8 hours

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