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Mt. Lushan

Located in the northern part of Jiangxi Province in Central China, Lushan is one of the most renowned mountains in the country. Although it is primarily situated in Jiujiang, a prefecture-level city near the provincial capital Nanchang, however, with a length of 25km and a width of 10km, the oval-shaped mountains neighbor Yangtze River to the north, Poyang Lake to the east and Nanchang city to the south.


Lushan earns its fame for the grand, precipitous but breath-taking natural landscape there. Lushan National Park has become a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1996 and it is a prominent scenic spot especially during summertime for weather is cooler here than most places in Central China. Thus it has been the most popular resort for foreign missionaries, for example, Absalom Sydenstricker who is father of Pearl Buck is one of the 5 earliest missionaries to acquire real estate in Kuling area in the mountains.


Lushan is a gifted place for sightseers and hikers for its steepness and beauty. The highest point, DaHanyang Peak, reaches 1, 474m above the sea level. Visitors on those sharp peaks could see dense fog and sea of clouds floating under their feet. The fairyland usually stays for more than 200 days every year.


Not only a wonderland for sightseeing, Lushan also housed superb cultural resources. Sima Qian, the greatest historian in China, was amazed by the splendid scenery of the mountains so that he praised it in his masterpiece History Record (ShǐJì) which made Lushan exposed to whole China since Han Dynasty. A well-known Buddhist, Monk Huiyuan, erected the earliest Buddhist garden, the architectural complex of Donglin Temple, in Eastern Jin Dynasty and the temple furthermore became a Buddhist hub in Southern China. According to statistics, there were 361 temples amongst mountains of Lushan in Song Dynasty. More than 1, 500 poets and artists visited it and left the mountains more than 4, 000 poetries, about 1, 000 sculptures as well as numerous articles, paintings and calligraphy works.


There are plenty of sceneries to see in Lushan mountains including the Guling Town (gǔ lǐng zhèn), Immortal Caverns (xiān rén dòng), Meilu Villa (měi lú bié shù), Five Old Man Peaks (wǔ lǎo fēng), White Deer Cavern Academy (bái lù dòng shū yuàn), Three-Tier Springs (sān dié quán), Luling Lake (lú lín hú), Hanpo Pavilion (hán pó ting), Botanical Gardens (zhí wù yuán), Peach Blossom Garden (táo huā yuán) and more.


Lushan Waterfalls/Three-Tier Springs

The Three-Tier Springs are a must-go spot in Mt.Lushan scenic area. Perched on one of the very cliffs of the Five Old Man Peaks, it flows from the peak of the mountain and then falls down upon huge rocks three times before it reach the ground, thus the waterfalls have its name as Three-Tier Springs. The total height of the waterfalls is about 155m.


The scenery of the waterfalls changes depending on the flow. From spring to early summer which is the rainy period in the mountains, the waterfalls usually impress visitors with its splendor – the spout is just like a giant dragon rush down to the earth. However, in mid of summer or winter, it will show people its gentleness. Different seasons gift the Three-Tier Springs different enchantment but all of them are worth a visit.


Five Old Man Peaks

Occupied in the southeast area in Lushan mountains with an altitude of 1358m, the peaks look like 5 old men sitting in a row. Here travelers could see the most majestic landscape in Lushan mountains area, however, only on top of them. So to be those peaks’ visitors, people would better be at least energetic.


But Don’t Be Afraid! Although it sounds like a difficult job, sightseers could climb on the mountains by the steps in the northwest side of the first peak – the terrain is much smoother than the rugged ridge in the southwest. When you achieve the top of the first peak, things will be much easier for it is a short way connected the first to the fourth and visitors would see enough great view on that way. The most important thing is, it will be a quite easy job so many visitors have had their pleasant hours there indeed.


However, if someone still wants to challenge himself or herself physically, try to tour the fifth peak. In fact, the last one is a little far away from its brothers so it requires both physical strength and willpower. When the brave people finally get to the top of the fifth peak, they could go down along the steps near the Five Peaks Pavilion, which will lead them to a cable station to reach Three-Tier Springs in half an hour.


Guling Town

Being the center of Lushan scenic zone with an altitude of 1167m, Guling Town is famous for its unique geographic position and charming landscape. For the terrain here is as flat as pancake, almost a thousand of villas and outhouses are located in the town and its surrounding area. Light blue sky, white clouds leisurely, dark green pines, fiery red maples and country houses in different style are fused together which makes the land become a fabulous, rare and precious high-altitude building complex.



1. Please wear comfortable shoes or sneakers. High heels and leather shoes are NOT recommended. If travel during wintertime, choose hiking boots with antiskid sole and be careful not to slip and fall.

2. If one tries to get to Lushan by taxi, it is recommended to take taxi down in the city of Jiujiang. It usually cost passenger ¥10 from downtown area to arrive the gate of Lushan scenic area (sometimes passenger needs to bargain with taxi driver).

3. Travelers should be aware that besides the entrance tickets, most major scenic spots inside the tourist area are chargeable; Except the admission fee, restaurants in Lushan are relatively more expensive than in Jiujiang downtown area.

4. Mt.Lushan is famous for the precipitous terrain there. If one tries to go uphill or downhill by bus, it is recommended to take some anti-carsickness pills.

5. Lushan is a world-class geopark famous for its natural landscape and biological resources with 76.6% forest coverage, thus travelers may be bothered by mosquitoes and other annoyed insects. One would better take a bottle of mosquito repellent uphill and wear clothes with long sleeves.

6. Hospital information: Lushan Renmin Hospital

Location: NO.680, Dalin Road, Lushan District, Jiujiang

Telephone: 0792-8281166

7. How to go:

By air: Jiujiang Lushan Airport

There are domestic air route link Lushan with Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Xiamen.

The airport is only 9.8km away from the south gate of Lushan scenic area, however, although it is not far away from the south gate, there are NO direct bus heading to the south gate. Be careful about the price if one wants to go to the south gate by taxi.


By train: Jiujiang Railway Station

There are many railway stations around the scenic area such as Nanchang Railway Station, Jiujiang Railway Station and Lushan Railway Station, however, Jiujiang Railway Station is the easiest starting point to get to the tourist area. One could arrive the station by trains from major cities and regions in the country.

Location: NO.60, Changhong Dadao Road, Lushan District, Jiujiang

Head to Lushan tourist area:

1.Travelers could take direct bus from Jiujiang Railway Station. It only costs passenger ¥12 with a duration of about 40 minutes, however, the time interval is very long so it could be a tiring work to wait for a bus.

2.Travelers could go to Jiujiang Long-distance Bus Terminal and take direct bus there. There are bus NO.101, 102, 105 heading to bus terminal in front of the railway station and it will only cost passenger ¥1.


By bus:

Jiujiang Long-distance Bus Terminal

There are many buses heading to Guling Town, the center of Lushan scenic area every day. The total fare is ¥17 per one (¥15.5 for ticket and ¥1.5 for insurance). The service time is from 06:00 to 18:30.

Location: NO.99, Xunnan Dadao Road, Jiujiang

Telephone: 0792-8392222

Website: http://www.jj8s.com/


Nanchang Qingshan Long-distance Bus Terminal

It usually has 3 long-distance buses towards Guling Town from 09:30-15:40 every day, nevertheless when summer comes, the station will add extra buses to meet tourism need. The fare is ¥55 per one.

Location: NO.19, Qingshan Nanlu Road, Donghu District, Nanchang

Telephone: 0791-88650421


Destination: Lushan Bus Terminal

It is the transportation hub in Lushan tourist area. Buses here head to Jiujiang, Nanchang, Shahe, Xingzi and other major cities in Jiangxi Province.

Location: Guling Town, Lushan Tourist Area

Telephone: 0792-8281099

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