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Dalian Attractions

  • Binhai Road

    Binhai Road

    Binhai Road was built in 1970s for combat readiness and was guarded by army. Now it has become a popular sightseeing place. Planning a road trip on Binhai Road will be the peak of your trip. It is 32 kilometers long, running through 12 main sightseeing spots along the coastline, including Tiger B... Read more>>
  • Dalian’s Forest Zoo

    Dalian’s Forest Zoo

    Dalian Forest Zoo is located in a pleasant mountainous environment in the south end of the city of Dalian, with more than 1,000 animals of 130 different species. You can take a cable car that connects east and west side of zoo to see the great view above. The zoo is divided into four different pa... Read more>>
  • Golden Pebble Beach Tourist Area

    Golden Pebble Beach Tourist Area

    Golden Pebble Beach Tourist Area, or Jinshitan National Holiday Resort, is situated about 60 kilometers northeast of downtown Dalian. Thanks to the grand coastline, it has become a 5A-class National Tourist Attraction in 2010. Golden Pebble Beach, as it has been called, is well-known for its dist... Read more>>
  • Polar Region Marine Animals World

    Polar Region Marine Animals World

    Polar Region Marine Animals World exhibits the polar animals, including rare polar animals like beluga whales, sea otters, sea elephant and duckers that come to China for the first time and other animals like dolphins, penguins, polar bears and so on. There are animal performances every day in th... Read more>>
  • Laohutan Ocean Park

    Laohutan Ocean Park

    Laohutan Beach (Tiger Beach Ocean Park) was originally named by a legend wherein a young man fought bravely to defeat a fierce tiger and rescued a mermaid who became his wife after the heroic behaviors. Since then, the seashore where the battle took place has been called “Laohutan” which means “... Read more>>
  • Xinghai Square

    Xinghai Square

    Xinghai Square (Square of the Sea of Stars) was built up in the year of 1993 in the southern beach scenic area of Dalian and has been regarded as the largest city square throughout Asia ever after. Covering an area of 1, 760, 000m², it is twice as large as Tian’anmen Square. It is the most well-... Read more>>
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