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Dalian’s Forest Zoo

Dalian Forest Zoo is located in a pleasant mountainous environment in the south end of the city of Dalian, with more than 1,000 animals of 130 different species. You can take a cable car that connects east and west side of zoo to see the great view above.


The zoo is divided into four different parts: Kangaroo Park, Primate Park, Rainforest Dome and Backyard Area. 


Kangaroo Park occupies an area of 7,000 square meters with a vast variety of Australian animals including several types of kangaroo. Greenery, artificial waterfalls and kangaroo sculptures create a pleasant environment for both animals and visitors.

Primate Park, which covers 12,000 square meters, with the house of several different types of primate, such as baboons, chimps and the rare golden monkeys. It is divided into three sections of indoor viewing section, outdoor viewing section and leisure section. Indoors viewing section includes 26 cages and is an ideal solution for when the weather does not allow an outdoors stroll.

Rainforest Dome is a 24 meter high futuristic structure that stocks 15,000 plants of 400 species. You can see hundreds of colorful tropical flowers and plants, various eatable plants and trees. “Desert landscape” imitates the hard conditions in desert; “between man and nature” exhibits how humans interact with the environment with different types of bamboo, various species of parrots, l streams and waterfalls.


Backyard Area is equipped with facilities like children’s playground and care center. There is a padding zoo rearing farm animals for travelers to interact with peaceful farm animals.



Location: NO.60, Yingchun Road, Nanshidao Avenue, Xigang District

Admission Fee: CNY120

Opening Time: 09:00-16:30

Elephants Performances: 10:30, 12:30, 14:30, 16:00

Telephone: (86) 0411-82476970; 0411-82472535

Website: http://www.dlzoo.com

How to go: You could take Bus NO.5, 525, 529, 541, 702, 715 to the Stop Forest Zoo to get off.

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