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Dalian Travel Season Tips

Bordering the Bohai Sea and the Yellow Sea, Dalian has a monsoon-influenced humid continental climate. The city has four distinctive seasons with humid summers and cold windy and dry winters. Thanks to the ocean climate’s influence, Dalian could magically remain mild-cold when temperature in other parts of NE China drops to -20℃ in long winters. It is amongst the warmest in the whole of this north-easterly region of China. The best time to visit Dalian is from May to September.


Dalian’s spring comes in late March or early April and lasts for about two months. You still need to prepare a warm jacket in case of attacks from the last winter cold.


Dalian’s summer, from July to early September, is the most popular time for visiting and traveling. With abundant sunlight and the average temperature around 20℃, Summer is really a delightful season to do water sports or just lazing on the beach.


Autumn normally begins in late September and ends in November. The weather is generally sunny, cool and dry. Still, it’s normal to see frequent, sharp temperature change in Autumns.


Winter in Dalian lasts quite long from late November to the following February. There is strong wind coming from the North, so it is necessary to prepare enough warm winter outfits. The chilling weather won’t stop you from enjoying the city by doing winter activities, such as skiing, mountain climbing, horse-racing and winter swimming.

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