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Binhai Road

Binhai Road was built in 1970s for combat readiness and was guarded by army. Now it has become a popular sightseeing place. Planning a road trip on Binhai Road will be the peak of your trip.


It is 32 kilometers long, running through 12 main sightseeing spots along the coastline, including Tiger Beach Ocean Park, Fu’s houses estate, Xinghai Square, Mallet Island and so on. Driving on the road, you can see a wide expanse of ocean water with reefs and islands in great variety of shapes on one side, and cherry blossoms on the other side. All of these make extremely beautiful scenery.



Location: Along the coastline in Dalian

Admission Fee: Free

Opening Time: All day

How to go: Driving by yourself or taking a tourist coach could be the best way for sightseeing.

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