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Mengle Great Buddhist Monastery

Why is Mengle Great Buddhist Monastery special?


Mengle Great Buddhist Monastery is the largest Theravada Buddhist temple in China now. The temple, while promoting the Theravada Buddhism Theravada Buddhism, uses modern techniques to protect the traditional cultural heritage and provides visitors a good chance to learn about local history and culture.


Mengle Great Buddhist Monastery highlights


Covering an area of 26 hectares, Mengle Great Buddhist Monastery’s layout outline coincides with the original natural landform like a sitting Buddha, which exclusive in the world. Themed on Theravada Buddhism, the Buddhist monastery inherits and popularizes traditional culture by modern means to meet visitors' sightseeing and appreciation of history, Buddhist and regional cultures.


From the Hill Gate to Ten-thousand Buddha-Statue Pagoda, a story about Sakyamuni's all life is perfectly read by landscapes and architectures in the scenic area, so every spots are full of stories and sermons. Having a bird's eye view of downtown Jinghong from the Square of Ten-thousand Buddha-Statue Pagoda, beautiful tropical scenery leaps to your eyes.


Theravada Buddhism was brought into Xishuangbanna in the early 6th century, blended with local traditional religion, coming on to in the 16th century, so with a very long history. Xishuangbanna is an only region in China where Theravada Buddhism is prevailing, currently there are 300,000 Buddhism followers, 577 Buddhist monasteries and 215 pagodas here, well-nigh "every village has the Buddhist monastery and each family believes in Buddhism."


Xishuangbanna has the same source with the Southeast Asian countries in Theravada, the folk exchange of Buddhist culture is very popular, since the establishment of Mengle Great Buddhist Monastery, Xishuangbanna has been the favorite destination for Southeast Asian Dais seeking roots.

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