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The Dai Ethnic Garden (Ganlanba)

Why is the Dai Ethnic Garden special?


Xishuangbanna Dai Ethnic Garden, the national grade AAAA scenic spot, is a unique ecological village with five hamlets connected like a pearl necklace. With near 1000-year history, these hamlets highlight beautiful subtropical landscapes, delicious food, unique Dai bole fence houses and mysterious Theravada.


The Dai Ethnic Garden highlights


The Dai Ethnic Garden is an exhibition platform for the Dais' traditional culture and folk-customs, built on the basis of 5 natural villages of Manjiang, Manchunman, Manting, Manzha and Manga, combined natural landscapes with social attractions together harmoniously.


Here is where you can see the most typical Dai villages and the nicest countryside scenery. The traditional Dai buildings are generally built on stilts. Some of the houses are square, with two stories. The upper story serves as the living place, while the lower space, without walls, is used as a storehouse and for keeping livestock.


The garden also features a great natural view with mountains, lakes and varied tropical plants. Palms, paddy field and mountains at distance formed a gorgeous picture. The land is rich and beautiful, the weather is hot and wet, and the plain is level and abundant. Coconut palms, oil palms and banana trees make it green all the year round. Bamboo houses on stilts and Buddhist pagodas hide behind coconut palms and other trees.


Tourists can not only experience strong Dais' living rites fully, appreciate typical Dai stockade-style architecture, traditional handcrafts, Dai folk songs and dances, and featured folk-customs, apprehend mysterious Theravada Buddhism, but also enjoy the Water-splashing Festival here every day.


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