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Manting Park

Why is Manting Park special?


Manting Park, formerly Dai King Royal Court, has over 1300 years history. This national AAAA grade scenic spot has the memorial statue of the pre-Premier Zhou Enlai, ethnic culture plaza, peacock garden, crystal lake, Buddhist cultural district, tree planting area, Dai tea park and folk performance.


Manting Park highlights


As the former Imperial Garden of Dai King, with more than 1300 years history, it is one of imporant carriers in the Dais' historical culture; celebration activities must be held here during the Water-splashing Festival, Door-closing Festival and Door-opening Festival and other major feasts in the Dais' history.


Mai sight-seeing spots in the park include: the Commemoration Bronze of Premier Zhou's Splashing water, the Memorial of Premier Zhou, the Monument of Tree Planting of Thailand King's Sister, Temple Fair, Guheixi Woods, Xishuangbanna Peacock Zoo, Captured Animal Freeing Lake, the White Pagoda, Pattra-leaf Palm Zone, the Octagonal Pagoda, and Xishuangbanna General Monastery; tourists can appreciate the Songs an Dances Bonfire Evening of the "Night of Lancang-Mekong River."

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