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Xishuangbanna Travel Overview

Located in the southernmost of Yunnan, Xishuangbanna is a magical and beautiful tropical rainforest with the dawn of unchanged millennium dream, a harmonious home integrating natural ecosystem with human ecology, an endless winter resort just as gentle Lancang River, and the Dai villages characterizing with unique value and mysterious beauty.


Xishuangbanna is a charming international eco-tourist destination in the Lancang-Mekong River basin. It is also an amazing place for domestic and foreign visitors to enjoy winter, to visit Dai ethnic roots, to go back to nature, to benefit from natural oxygen bar and to keep health lives.


Xishuangbanna is a green paradise brimming with infinite charm. With the world-renowned tropical rainforest, it is a national scenic area, a national ecological demonstration zone, a national biosphere reserve, and China's most beautiful tropical rainforest. Xishuangbanna is widely known as the "animal kingdom" and "an emerald on the belt of Earth".


Xishuangbanna has colorful ethnic cultures and abundant humanistic resources. It is the home of 13 ethnic minorities, including Dai, Hani, Jino, Bulang and so on. Each of these ethnic minorities has their unique and intoxicating ethnic customs.

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