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Urumqi Attractions

  • bazaar

    Xinjiang International Grand Bazaar

    Xinjiang International Grand Bazaar - the biggest bazaar on earth - is an Islamic bazaar near the Erdaoqiao Market in Urumqi. Islamic culture, architecture, ethnic commerce, tourism and entertainment mix well in the bazaar, thus making it the landmark of Urumqi, as well as Xinjiang. The bazaar is... Read more>>
  • Xinjiang Autonomous Region Museum

    Xinjiang Autonomous Region Museum

    Xinjiang Autonomous Region Museum is a must-see for Silk Road aficionados. The highlight of the museum is the locally famous ‘Loulan Beauty’, one of the 3600-year-old desert-mummified bodies of Indo-European ancestry. The display of ancient corpses is the highlight of Xinjiang Museum, for it is ... Read more>>
  • Hongshan Park

    Hongshan Park

    Hongshan is an inner city hill in Urumqi that lies at the intersection of Hongshan Road. As the rocks of the hill reflect a bright red color, people call it Hongshan, meaning ‘Red Hill’ in Chinese. More of an amusement park, Hongshan Park offers good city views especially from the 18th-century h... Read more>>
  • Heavenly Lake

    Heavenly Lake

    Two thousand meters up in the Tianshan range is Heavenly Lake, a small, long, steely-blue lake nestled below the view-grabbing 5445-meter Peak of God. The area is target="_blank" title="Summer Palace">Summer Palace of the legendary Heavenly Empress. So many places in the Heavenly Lake are related t... Read more>>
  • Southern Pasture

    Southern Pasture

    As an ideal summer resort of suburbs in Urumqi, the Southern Pasture is about 2 hours drive from the city. Southern Pasture is in the transition area between the low and middle-sized hills. Southern Pasture consists of many features. From west to east are: Xi Baiyanggou (Xi Bai-Yang Gou, meaning "W... Read more>>
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