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Xinjiang International Grand Bazaar

Xinjiang International Grand Bazaar - the biggest bazaar on earth - is an Islamic bazaar near the Erdaoqiao Market in Urumqi. Islamic culture, architecture, ethnic commerce, tourism and entertainment mix well in the bazaar, thus making it the landmark of Urumqi, as well as Xinjiang.


The bazaar is a perfect place to get and look at regional products, and there are also imported products from nearby Russia and Mongolia and the new states to the west. Be careful! It is a popular tourist destination and somewhat of a tourist trap.


The construction of the bazaar was completed in late 2002; it was opened to public on 26 June 2003, located near Erdaoqiao at South Jiefang Road. The buildings and area within are constructed in an Islamic style representative of the preponderant religion and ethnic culture of the western region in China.


Combined with cultures of Xinjiang ethnic minorities, architecture in the bazaar were styled Islamic with its techniques of grinded-brick-to-gap and modern facings, facilitating modern architectural functions and reflecting contemporary spirits. The bazaar reproduces the commercial prosperity of the Silk Road and embodies the ethnic characteristics and regional cultures.


The International Grand Bazaar occupies an area of 4,000 m², and has an 80-metre sightseeing tower, an open mosque, an opera theatre and a food court. The surrounding streets are also worth a stroll for their Uygur markets and snack stalls.

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