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Urumqi Travel Season Tips

Urumqi is situated within the temperate zone where a semi-arid continental climate prevails. The temperature in Urumqi varies greatly between day and night, as well as summer and winter. The average annual temperature is 6.4°C. Winter is cold and temperature averages -15.2°C. Extreme temperatures have ranged from −41.5 °C to 42.1 °C. Its annual precipitation is about 290 millimeters (11.4 in).
Although inhospitable in winter with bone-chilling weather, Urumqi's climate is pleasant in autumn, with warm days and cool evenings. An extensive series of tree belts around it has helped to reduce wind, dust, and cold. Therefore, the best time to travel in Urumqi is from May to October when flowers are in full bloom and the air is fragrant with ripening fruits.

Spring is refreshing while a little cold. It snows occasionally and rains frequently. The average temperature is about -5.2℃~4.7℃.

Summer is beautiful when flowers are in full bloom and grasslands turn to green. It can be hot along with dry climate. The average temperature in this season may be 16.0℃~28.1℃. The temperature changes a lot in the day and night in Urumqi's summer; tourists should prepare your coat and thin sweater in case of need.

Autumn is the best season to visit Urumqi. As the weather cools, the city is shrouded by colors and scent of ripe fruits. Urumqi's temperature in autumn changes from 11.0℃ to 22.4℃. The early autumn in Urumqi is mild and pleasant, and the tempting melons and fruits appear on the market in succession. The tourists who like fruits can satisfy their taste here. After the late September, it is late autumn, and there is even greater difference in temperature during the day and night.

The winter starts from November and ends in the next April, which lasts for five months. There will be activities like skating, alpine skiing, and grabbing sheep in the snow. Snow is common in winter and it's extremely cold with the average temperature about -12.8℃~-4.2℃. Winter is also the low season, less crowded and cheaper to travel.

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