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Laojun Mountain Scenic Area

Laojun Mountain Scenic Area locates at the west bank of the “First Bend of Yangtze River”, in Lijiang. The mountain stretches for hundreds of miles, overlapping and rolling. With the highest peak of 4,240 meters, Laojun Mountain is regarded as the "Father of Mountains in Yunnan " by historians of past dynasties. It is one of the brilliant places in Yunnan, with beautiful natural scenes, abundant natural resources, and special national cultures.


Wonderful Laojun Mountain

According to the legend, in the past, Lord Lao had ever made his pills here, hence comes its name.

Laojun Mountain Scenic Area covers 715 square kilometers, its main structure is volcanic lava, which has several various landforms, such as horns, glacial cirques, glacial gorges, and glacial lakes.  Huge rocks were frozen and cracked, then formed into the rock sea, which becomes a special landscape of Laojun Mountain.


Attractions in Laojun Mountain

99 Dragon Pool locates on the eastern side of Laojun Mountain, with an altitude of 3,800 meters. There are tens of lakes and swamps, distributing in a cluster along the stream, which is called 99 Dragon Pool. The water comes from the melted snow and rains, which forms streams, waterfalls, and rivers, and finally flows into Jinsha River and Lancang River.


Liming Meile Scenic Spot has the special Danxia Landform formed by red sandstone. It covers 240 square kilometers, which is the largest and most completely developed Danxia landform in China. It has various and colorful cliffs, perilous peaks, and limestone caves, with the highest elevation, the greatest difference in height, and most clearly layered.


Xinzhu Natural Botanical Garden gathers crossing ravines, waterfalls, green pools, cliffs, and stone bridges. Inside the scenic area, there are seed plants of 79 families, 167 genus, and 280 species, including many rare and endangered plants. In October 1984, it was named as "Xinzhu Hengduan Mountains Natural Botanical Garden" by Yunnan Botanical Academy.


Double Lakes in Jinsichang has an elevation of 4,513 meters. Jinsichang is the main peak of Laojun Mountain. Different lakes mounted in the meadow on the mountainside, looking like the clear mirrors. The lakes connect with each other indistinctly, presenting the images of mystery and charming. Numerous azalea freely blooms every year in early summer, clustering around the lakes.

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