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Chaigoubu Bacon

Chaigoubu Bacon is a special kind of smoked meat. As the most famous meat dish in Zhangjiakou and a traditional food of Chaigoubu Town, Huai’an County, it has existed for over 200 years. The special bacon is smoked with cedarwood. Chaigoubu Bacon can be made of different types of meat, including pork, mutton, chicken, and rabbit. It tastes fat but not greasy, thin but not dry.



Gezha actually has many different names. Every place calls it in a local way. It is a kind of flour food originated from Tangshan, and is popularized to nearby areas. People use bean flour to make a pancake, cut it into pieces, and cook it with daily dishes. Geza frequently appears on festivals, ceremonies, and friend visiting as it is loved by people of all ages.


Roasted Whole Lamb

It actually is a traditional food of Inner Mongolia, with a reputation of delicious and fresh taste. Mongolians usually cook the roasted whole lamb to treat their distinguished guests, with the whole lamb representing “treating others heart and soul”. Zhangjiakou is not far from Inner Mongolia, where grasslands in fact belong to both provinces. There is no doubt that roasted whole lamb is also popular here.


Youmian (Oat Noodles)

Youmian is a special kind of staple food made from hulless oats, with a scientific name - Avena chinensis. As a main representative of Zhangjiakou food, it is also popular in Shanxi and Inner Mongolia. It can be made into many different dishes, such as Youmian Noodles, Kao Lao Lao, and dumplings.



As one of the best producing regions in China, Zhangjiakou is also known for its grape production. Mostly planted in Xuanhua and Huailai County, “Milk Grapes” is the most delicious one of its kind. The grapes are famous for the thin peels, thick flesh, and the proper flavor and taste. The wine made out of Milk Grapes is also one of the best around the world.

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