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Zhangjiakou Attractions

  • Guanting Reservoir

    Guanting Reservoir

    Guanting Reservoir is the first large scale reservoir which was built across Yongding River. It is located about 105 kilometers from Beijing and is belonging to Huailai County of Hebei Province. Yongding River flows through mostly loess soil area and resulted in high sediments level. Thus, Yongding... Read more>>
  • Jiming Yi

    Jiming Yi

    Jiming Yi is the relic of an old post house which was built in the Ming Dynasty. It is located in Jiming Yi Village, Huailai County, about 150 kilometers northwest of Beijing. Covering an area of 220,000 square meters, it was a major transit post station on the route from Beijing to Datong, Shanxi ... Read more>>
  • Xiaowutai Mountain

    Xiaowutai Mountain

    Located at the intersection of Yu County and Zhuolu County, Xiaowutai Mountain is the main peak and the highest mountain of Taihang Mountains. The highest peak reaches 2882 meters. Xiaowutai Mountain Nature Reserve is 125 kilometers west of Beijing. The name is interesting. “Wutai” simply means... Read more>>
  • Ski Resorts

    Ski Resorts

    Due to Zhangjiakou’s weather and geographical location, it has abundant snow resources. People always choose to ski in the ski resorts of Zhangjiakou. Chongli Wanlong Ski Resort is located at Honghua Liang, Chongli District, Zhangjiakou, Hebei Province. Covering an area of more than 30 square ki... Read more>>
  • Bashang Grassland

    Bashang Grassland

    Bashang Grassland is located in Hebei Province, 100 kilometers north of Chengde. It is close to the Inner Mongolian Plateau, with a relative high altitude of about 1500 to 2100 meters. The average temperature is about 1.4℃ to 5℃. The grassland is very large. Covering an area of 16,000 square kilo... Read more>>
  • Nuanquan Ancient Town

    Nuanquan Ancient Town

    Located at Yu county of Zhangjiakou, Nuanquan Ancient Town is a Chinese famous town in history and culture. Currently, it is a national 3A level tourist attraction. “Nuanquan” means warm spring, and the town gets this name because of its constant temperature hot spring. With a long history, the t... Read more>>
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