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Zhangjiakou Travel Season Tips

Zhangjiakou belongs to a temperate continental monsoon climate. The average temperature over a year varies dramatically, from -9℃ to 26℃. Therefore, it has four distinct seasons.


Spring, starts from March to May, is moderately cold due to the combining of humid and temperature, which ranges from 4℃ to 27℃. Rain is rare to encounter, probably 2 to 4 days of heavy ones per month. However, wind is strong and frequent. According to the statistics, around 40% of the strong windy days in Zhangjiakou will occur in Spring due to its complex topography. Summer, begins from June to August, is the hottest season. The temperature, however, is mild and comfortable most of the time, ranging from 18℃ to 30℃ averagely. It is the season with most precipitation, usually 7 or 8 days a month. Fall, starts from September to November, is the most comfortable season. The weather is cool and the air is clear, with few days of rain and wind. Highest daily temperature varies from 2.6℃ to 25.1℃. Some trees become gold and red, while others remain green, creating a fantastic picture of nature. Winter, from December to February, is cold with a highest temperature of about 4℃. At most night, temperatures are below freezing point. It rarely rain or snow, making the weather relatively dry. You will definitely have to consider how to keep yourself warm if you come here in winter.


The busiest month for tourism in Zhangjiakou is August, followed by May and June. Due to the large amount of visitors, the demands for hotels and flights rise sharply, and so do their price. Though it would be the most expensive months to visit, early booking would save you some costs. Month with least visiting is October, but it will, not surprisingly, save you the most to visit.

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