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Bashang Grassland

Bashang Grassland is located in Hebei Province, 100 kilometers north of Chengde. It is close to the Inner Mongolian Plateau, with a relative high altitude of about 1500 to 2100 meters. The average temperature is about 1.4℃ to 5℃. The grassland is very large. Covering an area of 16,000 square kilometers, it stretches across the border area of Inner Mongolia, Zhangbei County, Shangyi County, Guyuan County, Chongli County, and Kangbao County. Located about 300 km northwest from Beijing, Bashang is the nearest natural grassland neighboring the capital city.


Bashang Grassland belongs to a temperate monsoon climate. The winter is long, and the summer is cool. Average annual temperature on the plateau is 2.6 °C, and the lowest recorded temperature is -34.8 °C. If you visit here during winter, you shall be fully prepared for this extreme temperature. July has an average temperature of just 24℃, which is comfortable for outdoor activities, making it a wonderful place to escape summer. It is a heaven for photographers as well. People take pictures of clean sky and blue water, or sunrise and sunset.


The plateau is dotted with hills and many lakes. The largest lake - Angulinuo Lake, is 47.6 square kilometers in area and 2 to 6 meters in depth. The average length of frost free period is 110 days, with a minimum of 70 days. Water resources are few; most of the supply comes from wells. The area supports dry land agriculture, with limited areas of irrigation using ground water. Soil conditions are poor but the plateau is covered mostly by vast natural grasslands, a good environment for animal husbandry.

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