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Tianyi Zhenqing Palace

In the South Cliff View-site of the Wudang Mountain, the most famous building is a stone one, which named the Tianyi Zhenqing Palace. It's said that after Zhenwu - the Xuanwu Emperor of Taoist ascended to the paradise, he lived in a palace called the Tianyi Zhenqing Palace. Then the followers of Zhenwu on the earth built the palace. According to the recording, the Tianyi Zhenqing Palace was built by a famous Taoist Zhang Shouqing at the beginning of the Yuan Dynasty and was finished 27 years later. Zhang went to Wudang Mountain at the age of 30 where   he led his thousands of disciples to reclaim wasteland, planted the land and cut the cliff. He left this marvelous building for the later generations.


This stone palace - one of the masterpieces of Chinese ancient architecture - is a famous and symbolic one of the ancient Chinese stone buildings. The Tianyi Zhenqing Palace is made of wood-like stones. The roof beams, pillars, square timbers, windows, doors, and decorations of animal sculptures on the roof ridges were carved from green stones. These stones then were combined together. The whole palace was accurately designed, delicately structured, and exquisitely carved, which made it a masterpiece of the Chinese stone carvings. You cannot imagine the difficulties of building this palace on the steep cliff.


Opening Hours: 07:30-17:00

Location: Wudang Mountain, Danjiangkou City, Shiyan City, Hubei Province

Recommend tour time: one hour

Type: Culture

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