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Shenzhen Attractions

  • Shenzhen Museum

    Shenzhen Museum

    Shenzhen Museum is located in Futian District, which is close to Lotus Mountain Park in the north and next to the Shennan Avenue in the south. It is a comprehensive museum mainly based on topography. It is also the Shenzhen Cultural Relics Collection Center and the History Research Center of Zhenzh... Read more>>
  • Yangtai Mountain Forest Park

    Yangtai Mountain Forest Park

    Yangtai Mountain Forest Park locates in the northwest of Shenzhen, with a total area of 28.52 square kilometers. The main body of the park, Yangtai Mountain, is 587.1 meters high above the sea level, which is known as the “first peak of western Shenzhen". Overview of Yangtai Mountain Forest Park... Read more>>
  • Litchi Park

    Litchi Park

    Litchi Park is one of the oldest parks in Shenzhen. It is named because there are many big litchi trees planted more than 500 old years ago in the park. There are also several landscapes such as Lihu Lake, betel palm trees, pavilions, towers, bridges, etc. The scenery is very beautiful in classic f... Read more>>
  • Xianhu Botanic Garden

    Xianhu Botanic Garden

    Xianhu Botanic Garden is located on Xianhu Road, Luohu District in Shenzhen. It lies on the east of Wutong Mountain, west of Shenzhen Reservoir. It covers an area of 546 hectares. Founded in 1983, it has been officially open to the public since 1988. Xianhu Botanical Garden integrates plant collect... Read more>>
  • Shenzhen Safari Park

    Shenzhen Safari Park

    Shenzhen Safari Park locates in the east of Xili Lake, in Nanshan District. It covers an area of more than 120,000 square meters. It was officially opened in September 1993. It is the first open range safari life park in China. It is a scenic area with subtropical garden ecological environment syst... Read more>>
  • Happy Valley

    Shenzhen Happy Valley

    As target="_blank" title="Shangri-La">Shangri-La Woods, Sunshine Beach, Typhoon Bay, Playa Maya Water Park and Happy Times. There are about 100 games in total for both adults and children. The most worth visiting part of the park is Playa Maya Water Park (opens from May 1st to Oct. 7th). The whol... Read more>>
  • Splendid China Folk Village

    Splendid China Folk Village

    Splendid China Folk Village is the world's largest and most comprehensive miniature park. The entire park covers 30 hectares, and its reproductions include about 100 famous tourist attractions in China and 25 full-scale ethnic villages. Visitors can have a thorough knowledge of the 5,000 years of... Read more>>
  • xiameisha beach

    Xiaomeisha Beach Resort

    Xiaomeisha Beach Resort is surrounded by green mountains on three sides, with one side facing the sea. It is located on the east of Dapeng Bay, about 30 kilometers from Shenzhen city center. The beach stretches for 1,000 meters and is famed for its clean bathing water. With the elegant environment ... Read more>>
  • window of the world

    Window of the World

    Shenzhen Window of the World is a theme park gathering many replicas of the world's wonders, historical heritages and famous scenic sites. The masterpieces in the park are built in different ratios. Within one day, visitors are able to “travel around the world” by visiting famous world landmark... Read more>>
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