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Litchi Park

Litchi Park is one of the oldest parks in Shenzhen. It is named because there are many big litchi trees planted more than 500 old years ago in the park. There are also several landscapes such as Lihu Lake, betel palm trees, pavilions, towers, bridges, etc. The scenery is very beautiful in classic features of southern China. The park is a good place for people to entertain and relax. Every year when the litchis are ripe, the fruits look like the red clouds.
Overview of the Litchi Park
The whole park covers an area of 28.8 hectares, including the water surfaces of 11 hectares. The stone paves for wandering is 6,363 meters long. There are 8,468 trees and 45,218 bushes distributed everywhere in the park. There are more than 300 tall betel palm trees standing in a row. The white plum blossom beautifully. The rubber banyan trees with intertwined roots stand in the wind, showing the great charming.
Thousands of green bamboos are planted on both sides of the stone path, which is swaying in the wind. The green and vibrant weeping willows by the lake look like the young girls along the Yangtze River. 
Attractions in Litchi Park
Lixiang Pavilion is a dignified and elegant tower, which is applied for enjoying the overlooking landscape of the whole park. Every time when the litchis are ripe, people would climb up to the top of the pavilion and look down for the panorama view of the park. The sea of litchis becomes red. Every fresh litchi is plump, soft, sweet and elastic, which attract millions of people coming to taste the litchi. The scenery is magnificent and refreshing.
There is a 10 hectare artificial lake in the park, also known as Lihu Lake, which is surrounded by the green trees. The artificial lake has been renovated and improved several times. The Lanyue Bridge, musical fountains, water curtains and night lights have been added around the lake. Walking around the lake step by step, the scenes are fascinating and attractive. At night, the sky is dark, the moon is bright, and the stars are shining. The laser water curtains are singing merrily and dancing gracefully. 
In order to improve the cultural atmosphere of the park, the government invited many famous experts in fields of garden, poetry, couplet and calligraphy in the construction projects of the park. Now tourists could see many article stone inscription plaques designed by these masters. 

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