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Yangtai Mountain Forest Park

Yangtai Mountain Forest Park locates in the northwest of Shenzhen, with a total area of 28.52 square kilometers. The main body of the park, Yangtai Mountain, is 587.1 meters high above the sea level, which is known as the “first peak of western Shenzhen".
Overview of Yangtai Mountain Forest Park
The name of Yangtai Mountain comes from a local legend. During the Tang Dynasty (618-907), a county official named Lin was dissatisfied with the dictatorship. He abandoned the official and settled here. He had a daughter called Zhuzhu. Their neighbor Hai Zai often tended sheep on the hill. Hai Zai played the piccolo and the beautiful flute makes Zhu Zhu's heart fascinated. But then Hai Zai was killed and Zhu Zhu died of lovesick. To commemorate this couple, people called this mountain "Yangdi Mountain". In the local dialect, the sounds of "Tai" and "Di" are very similar. 
The Yangtai Mountain Forest Park contains Yangtai Mountain and its surrounding areas. The park is high in the middle and low on all sides. The Yangtai Mountain Forest Park has many peaks, stones, valleys and water sources. The forests in the mountain are very lush.  There are 5 reservoirs and pools in the valley and the natural springs can be seen everywhere. It is the birthplace of Shiyan River, Baimang River and Mashan River in Shenzhen. The park is rich in wildlife resources, with 452 species of plants and 82 species of vertebrates. 
During the Anti-Japanese War Period, the Yangtaishan guerrillas rescued 400 famous cultural, patriotic and democratic people, including Mao Dun, Zou Taofen, and He Xiangning, from Hong Kong, where was under the Japanese occupation at that time. Therefore, Yangtai Mountain is also known as "Hero Mountain". 
Highlights of Yangtaishan Forest Park
Yangtaishan Square locates at the mountain foot of Yangtai Mountain. There is an archway at the entrance of Yantai Square. The construction area of the square is about 30,000 square meters. It is composed of the square in front, lotus square, lotus pond, ecological park, and Jiangnan buildings. The stone carvings on the screen walls introduce the humanities, geography, and history of Yangtai Mountain, and describe the construction process of the Yantaishan Square.
The square is made of granite stone. There is a 6 meter’s long and 3.3 meters’ high stone carving placing directly at each side of the square, symbolizing the splendid future and the renewal of the city.
Nenqiniang Peak is one of the main peaks of Yangtai Mountain, with an altitude of 410 meters. The name of the attraction also comes from a legend. In the ancient times, the city suffered a very serious drought. There had been no rains for several years. Then seven kind young and beautiful girls etermined to pray for the rains with their sincerity. The girls climbed to the top of the Yangtai Mountain and prayed for three days. Finally, rains began to fall. In order to commemorate these seven legendary women who sacrificed themselves to save others, people called the peak as Nenqiniang Peak. 

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