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Yum cha

Yum cha, morning tea in English, is a typical Cantonese thing. It is a tradition for Cantonese people to have tea and dim sum with families or friends in the morning, showing their slow pace of life. Morning tea places are available all day and not necessarily in the morning.

You can find dim sum everywhere in China, but the most authentic one is in Guangdong province. Dim sum includes Siu Mai, steamed pork, shrimp dumplings, egg tart, rice dumplings, sticky rice, etc.

White Cut chicken

It's just a poached chicken served with a scallion-ginger sauce. The best way to eat is to dip the chicken into the scallion-ginger sauce and spoon the sauce over steamed rice.

Seafood Congee

As a coastal city near the sea, Shenzhen has always been a rich source of seafood. Seafood Congee is a mixture of rice porridge with various kinds of seafood, like shrimp, sea cucumber, and abalone. It is considered as a soul food for health.

Dry-Fried Beef and Noodles

The beef is skillfully sliced in the dish. The noodles taste sticky, tender, intact and distinct from each other. Besides you can taste a smoky, charred flavor in the noodles.

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