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Shudu Lake

Located 43 kilometers northeast from Shangri-La Old Town, Shudu Lake is one of the biggest lakes in Yunnan Province. The lake is 3,705 meters above sea level, covering an area of 15 square kilometers. Now it has been a part of the Potatso National Park, and a highland pasture resort.


There was an ancient legend that an eminent monk has been kicking around the whole country for many years. One day, he arrived at the lake, and some herdsmen shared their food and local cheese with the monk. The eminent monk ate food while observed the bountiful pastureland around the lake, then he said: "May the good cheese of this region remains as firm as stone forever". In Tibetan, ‘Shu’ means cheese, ‘Du’ means stone. From then on the name of Shudu Lake came into being.


Shudu Lake is sheer clear. The lake is abundant for a special species of golden carp with a line right across the body. Around the lake, there are dense forests of fir, spruce and birch. In autumn, with the white birch forests all turning yellow, you will gain an unprecedented view of golden to your eyes. Wild goose and ducks perch along the banks. Wild animals such as musk deer, bears, golden cats, and pheasants live in this primitive forest.


With a piece of fertile and endless grassland, Shudu Lake is also famous for the pasture. In spring, herds of cows and lambs walk around this lake leisurely. The simple sheds dotting in the boundless green pasture, the green mountains that surrounding the lake, the crystal-clear lake with beautiful marine creatures, and leisure cows and lambs gazing the grass, the beautiful flute music drifting along with the breeze, form a harmonious picture of nature and human being. Here, people are in rich of enjoyment of leisure. It is a place where you can relax your mind and realize the essence of life.

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