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Yingjisha County Knife


Manufactured in Yingjisha, it gets such a name and is one of traditional handicraft articles with famous brand with more than 400 years history. With beautiful appearance and carvings, it is excellent and fine in materials and made with exquisite workmanship having rich national flavors. Yingjisha knives now contain 16 varieties in 30 colors. They are of Uygur’s favorite shapes, such as, phoenix tail, oriole, magpie, red mouth alpine chough which is preferred by Kazak most, Lung-ch'uan sword preferred by Han nationality and beast angle preferred by Mongolians etc.




Being one of traditional handicraft articles in Kashgar, carpet is known all over the world for consummate handicraft and distinct style. Of numerous kinds and thousands of postures and carriages, Kashgar carpets are attractive and bright-colored. Except those 360-line products in tradition, 540-line, 720-line, and 750-line products of medium and high grade have been manufactured in recent years. Kashgar carpets are excellent in quality. Customers at home and from abroad are all fond of these carpets which not only have high practical value but also artistic value.


Aidelaisi Silk


Aidelaisi silk is Uygur women’s favorite silk material. Natural silk is dyed according to required patterns by adopting antique dyeing method, whose procedures are delicate and complicated. The Kashgar Aidelaisi silk is celebrated for its florid and bright color. Colors in striking contrast are used such as emerald green, amparo blue, yellow, green grass, pink, purplish red, tangerine, golden, gorgeous green, black and white. Pattern structure is exquisite, concise, vivid, and in striking contrast reproducing natural beauty of light and color.




Being the famous local product in Kashgar, almond is the dried fruit that Uygur nationality prizes most. People there use it to entertain guests or give them to friends as presents. Almond patterns can be found either in embroiders on clothes and caps or in scriptures on buildings. Almond belongs to fallen leaf arbor and peach plant. Its sarcocarp is not eatable. However, its fragrant and sweet nut rich in nutrition is eatable, which contains large amount of fat, protein and various vitamins. It is used in 60% of Uygur medicine in Kashgar.


Multicolored Caps


It is called “Duo Ba” in Uygur and a special necessary commodity of ethnic group. Of a fine and exquisite quality, it is hand-made by adopting a series of traditional national techniques, including cross-stitch work, making patterns, adding gold thread, inlaying with silver thread, and stringing beads. Kashgar multicolored caps are of numerous varieties namely, Badan (apricot-colored) cap, Qiman (green background with white flowers) cap, Tashkent (green background with white flowers) cap, Mlijiang (red with pearls) cap for females, which are all excellent in textures, bright in color and luster with exquisite patterns. They are not only pragmatic, but also a handicraft article with decorating and aesthetic value. Thus, they are your best choice when you choose something as gifts for your friends.


Where to buy


Kashgar Grand Bazaar


This marketplace on the eastern bank of the Tuman River northeast of Kashgar City occupies an area of more than 80,000 square meters. It is the largest comprehensive, garden-like market in Kashgar as well as in Xinjiang. Within the market there are 22 sections with more than 5,000 booths selling local specialties, Indian perfume, Pakistani vases, Iranian carpets, Russian statuettes and Uzbek scarves.


Handicraft Street


Kashgar has a long history of producing handicrafts, and enjoys a high reputation of “the centre of folk handicraft”. These handicrafts are not only popular in Kashgar, but also popular in West Asia and Europe though the ancient Silk Road. In Kashgar, there is a Handicraft Street alongside the Id Kah Mosque which is a narrow lane. Handreds of handicraft workshops and stalls are located in the street. Walking in either direction you'll find merchants selling everything from bright copper kettles to wedding chests to brass sleigh bells. You can find almost all the handicrafts here.

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