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Bachu Grilled Fish


It is a traditional folk style savory food in Kashgar, and the Bachu County has the most well-known grilled fish. The making process is like this: gut and clean the live fish, then cut it half through the belly. Then insert some pin sticks into the fish-skin. After that, the fish can be roasted on the fire, and refined salted water, black pepper and cumin powder should be put on the fish. The fish tastes really fresh and crisp without fishy odor. You've got to have a taste of the extraordinary flavor.


Rice with Fingers


Rice with Fingers, pronouncing “Bolao” in Uighur, is a kind of food that is popular among the local people. It is named “Rice with Fingers” for it is usually eaten with fingers. The main sources of it are rice, mutton, carrot, raisin, onion and boiled oil. When those all together are cooked in a covered vessel, then there will come out the rice which is savory and smells good. Uyghur people like it so much that it is frequently cooked at home and a great amount of it will be supplied during the weddings and funerals. If you go there, you can't miss it.




Ququ is a kind of traditional food that is loved by Uygur. It resembles the well-known wonton and dumplings, but is different mainly because of mutton that is added into the filling and the soup of Ququ. With thin skin, lushy filling and the mutton soup with original taste and flavor, it tastes really good. You can find it at any restaurant in the towns and villages of Kashgar.


Roasted Buns & Sliced Steamed Buns


Roasted buns (the Uygur call it "samusa") and sliced streamed buns ("latermantu" in the Uygur language) are the food popular among Uygur people, and they can be bought in most restaurants and groceries in both the rural and urban areas. The wrapper for roasted buns is made of flour. The buns are usually stuffed with materials like stir-fried diced mutton, onion, pepper and cumin powder. Finally they will be roasted in a special pit. Sliced steamed buns, on the other hand, is made with almost the same ingredients as roasted buns. When the buns are ready, the ingredients inside can be seen through the sliced wrapper.


Crusty Pancake


Crusty Pancake is a popular and essential food for Uygur people just like bread for the western. At present, there are dozens of crusty pancakes such as oily crusty pancake, corn crusty pancake, sesame crusty pancake, meat crusty pancake and thin crusty pancake, which are divided according to different seasonings. Generally, the ingredients of a crusty pancake include wheat flour, corn flour, sesame seeds, eggs, vegetable oil, butter, onions, milk, salt and sugar. The method of making a crusty pancake is similar to that of baked cake of Han in other cities of China.


Baked Mutton Kebabs


Baked mutton kebabs are very famous in Xinjiang. It can be found anywhere in the streets of any city or small market town throughout Xinjiang. The kebabs are turned continually on the charcoal fire, and when they are almost done, salt, pepper paprika and cumin are sprinkled on them according to your needs. The selected mutton is very fresh and tender, not greasy and smelly at all. Xingjinag baked mutton kebabs are favored by almost everyone. You will regret if you miss trying them when you are in Xinjiang.

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