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Cold Vermicelli


Cold Vermicelli is one of the Jingdezhen snacks. It is different from the vermicelli of other regions. The vermicelli in Jingdezhen is thicker and wider and has a half centimeter of diameter. It can be made with diverse seasonings such as bean sauce, pepper sauce, orange peel, garlic and ginger.




This is the classical snack in Jingdezhen. Xianshuiba generally is unavailable in other areas, and it can be eaten during the Spring Festival in the Chinese Lunar Calendar. It is delicious, and will be more tasteful if you cook it with eggs or add some preserved vegetable.




Jiaoziba generally is taken as the breakfast and night food. Diversities of stuffing covered by powder-made slice are steamed on steam boxes. Through the thin slices, the stuffing can be seen clearly from the outside. Additionally it has different taste after being fried. The stuffing is divided into hot and non-spicy. The stuffing can be made of the carrot slices, the eggs with leeks, or the bean sprout and bean-curd.


Sanbeiji (Stewed Chicken with Three Cups Sauce)


Sanbeiji is a popular chicken dish in Chinese cuisine. The dish originates from the in Jiangxi Province. The dish derives its name from the three cups of sauces required. For each chicken, a cup each of soy sauce, rice wine and sesame oil are added. The chicken, together with the sauces, is cooked in an earthenware pot on high heat for ten minutes, then on low heat to allow the sauces to be absorbed by the meat. Sanbeiji is served with no sauce; the dish is cooked until all the sauce evaporates and is absorbed by the chicken.

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