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Jingdezhen Bluish-White Porcelain


Jingdezhen ware became particularly important from the Song Dynasty with the production of Qingbai ware. The Jingdezhen Qingbai was a transparent and jade-like type of porcelain, with a transparent glaze giving a bluish-white tint. The Qingbai porcelain from Jingdezhen is the earliest piece of Chinese porcelain documented to have reached Europe.


Tea Oil


Tea oil is usually used in Jiangxi cuisine, which is the primary cooking oil. Any dishes that is cooked in tea oil should not be served raw, which is the reason for the absence of cold or raw dishes in Jiangxi cuisine. However, Jiangxi cuisine is unique in that tea oil is used almost exclusively as the only cooking oil, with one minor exception being rapeseed oil.


Douchi (Fermented black beans)


Douchi is a type of fermented and salted black soybean. They are very widely used for making black bean sauce dishes. The black type soybean is most commonly used and the process turns the beans soft, and mostly semi-dry. The smell of Douchi is sharp, pungent, spicy, and the taste is salty, somewhat bitter and sweet.


Anfu Ham


Anfu Ham is an ancient dry-cured ham from Jiangxi Province. It is eaten alone and also used as an ingredient to add flavor to various dishes. Anfu Ham is made of ham which is smoked by fire. It is a little salty. Anfu Ham originates from the Qin Dynasty. In 1915, Anfu Ham was featured in the Panama–Pacific International Exposition.


Where to buy


Porcelain Antique City


Porcelain Antique City is located in Shuguang Road in Jingdezhen City. Different types of the items are sold here, like blue-and-white wares, bluish-white ware, calligraphy and paintings, Imperial kilns, jade, and etc.


Jingdezhen International Trade Center


Jingdezhen International Trade Center locates in the Jiefang Road, Zhushan District in Jingdezhen City. It concentrates different types of the porcelain products. There are many items produced by some small companies, and the prices are relative cheaper. The morning market on Monday usually attracts many people to visit there.

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