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Braised Chicken with Fresh Mushrooms

Braised Chicken with Fresh Mushrooms is a traditional and famous dish of NE China. To cook this dish, people first scald and depilate the chicken and then cut the chicken into pieces. Then put the chicken pieces together with the scallion, ginger, water and some other condiments into a stockpot. After the soup is boiled, add some fresh mushrooms into the soup to improve the flavor. The dish could be eaten as soon as the mushrooms are cooked completely. The delicious chicken, the soft and fragrant mushrooms as well as the fresh and nutritious soup will leave you a fantastic memory.

Sweet and Sour Pork

Sweet and Sour Pork is also called Guo Bao Rou in Chinese. In this dish, the pork is the main material. Firstly, put the starchy on the pork and fry them in the pot. Then put the carrot, lemon, and rock candy into the pot and boil them into sour and sweet juice. At last, put the pork and juice on the plate. Sweet and Sour Pork is a traditional and popular dish in Harbin.

Dumplings, known as “jiaozi” in Chinese, are traditional Chinese main food which is popular throughout the country for nearly two thousand years. It is a tradition for Chinese people to eat dumplings during the Spring Festival.

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