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Harbin Travel Season Tips

Harbin features a temperate continental monsoon climate. Due to its location above 45°N and the influence of Siberian High, the city has the coldest and longest winter among all the major cities in China.  Therefore, Harbin is referred to “Ice City” in the country.


The dry and cold winter usually begins from November and lasts until February next year. It’s the longest season in Harbin. The average temperature in winter is about -18.4℃. If you visit the city in winter, you need to fully prepare for its coldness.


Summer in Harbin is cool but short. It starts in June and ends in August. The average temperature is 20.8℃. It is also when most of the year's rainfall occurs. The rain season is in July and August alone. It will be wise to take an umbrella if you decide to travel in summer.


Spring and autumn are very short, too. Spring comes to Harbin in the mid of March and lasts until May, while autumn falls in early September and ends in October. They are transitions, however, windy seasons. Winds are strongest in these two seasons.


The best visiting time is between May to October. The carnival of International Ice and Snow Festival lasts from 5 Jan to 5 Feb each year.

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