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The Kunlun Mountain Pass

The Kunlun Mountain Pass is located at the southern part of Qinghai Province and in the middle part of Kunlun Mountains. It is 160 kilometers south of Golmud, and a gateway on the Qinghai-Tibet Highway.


Kunlun Mountain is a symbol of Chinese culture, and a cradle of Chinese myths and legends. It has been called “the Father of Mountains” to showcase its significance. It is considered as one of the longest mountain chains in the region. Mount Kongur at 7,719 meters is its highest peak. The climate of the Kunlun Mountain range varies according to elevation with the lower portions having cool temperate conditions, while the upper elevations close to Tibet having freezing temperatures. High winds dominate the high altitude regions of the mountain range.


The Kunlun has abundant natural resources such as coal, soda ash, and petroleum. There are saline lakes in the medial ridges of the high valley areas of the mountain. Lower altitudes are mostly moors and bogs. Large sand dunes dominate the rest of the area. Fauna consists of wild yaks, goat antelope, sheep, Tibetan gazelle, and wild asses. Brown bears, wolves, and snow leopards can also be seen. Birds populate the lakes in the region during the migration season.


The Pass is the access where Qinghai-Tibet Highway goes through Kunlun Mountains. There is a big stela standing right in front of the pass. It is made of white marble and is 4.767 meters high, 0.1% of The Kunlun Mountain Pass’ altitude. Four words “Kun Lun Shan Kou” is inscribed on it. When you drive here and step out of your car, you would feel the magnificence in the flesh.

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