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The Aliens Ruins in Delingha

The Aliens Ruins in Delingha is located at Baigong Mountain, which is 40 kilometers to the southwest of Delingha city. There are three 6-meter deep caves of irregularly triangular shape, with some iron-like pipes penetrating them. This abnormity makes people consider it as “an alien ruins.”


The first question arises is “what are these pipes?” According to local laboratory, these pipes contain a large amount of ferric oxide, silicon dioxide and calcium oxide. Even more unusual, 8 percent of the elements found in the sample were unknown and could not be located on the periodic table of elements.


Next question is that where did these pipes come from. The earliest time human activities appeared in this region is over 30,000 years ago. By then, human could only make some simple artifacts, but they haven’t mastered well-developed technology of producing iron. Beside, due to the extreme natural environment here, it is nearly impossible to produce iron. Therefore, people start to think that this unique scenery here did not originate from Earth, but from other planets in outer space.


Many archeologists were astonished when they first arrived here, because it is just so unbelievable. Even today, many scientists would visit here and try to explain this phenomenal ruins. Aside from this alien ruins, there is another good reason for scientists to be here. This place is an ideal spot for astronomical observations due to its high position, thin air, and clear sky. It is one of the most ideal astronomical observation points in Asia. If you enjoy stars blinking in the sky, it would be a beautiful place to come.

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