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Haixi Travel Overview

Haixi Mongol and Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture is in Qinghai Province. It is located in the western portion of Qinghai Province, in the north of Qinghai-Tibet Plateau and the west of Qinghai Lake, thus getting the name "Haixi"(“xi” means west). The prefecture neighbors Gansu in the north and Xinjiang in the west. It is approximately 514 kilometers (319 miles) from the capital city of Qinghai, Xining.

Haixi is large. Covering an area of 325,800 square kilometers, it takes up nearly half of the Qinghai Prov...
  • How to Arrange Your Jiayuguan Trip
    Recommended attractions a. must-see places Taoxichuan Ceramic Art Avenue Art Gallery Jingdezhen Ancient Porcelain Street Fuliang Former County Government b. other recommends Yaoli Town Hutian Ancient Kiln Site The Moon Lake Longzhu Pavilion Re...
  • Haixi Travel Season Tips
    Haixi has indistinct seasons due to its typical continental plateau region climate. It is dry with sunshine throughout the year, and the temperature typically varies from 1°C to 31°C and is rarely below -3°C or above 34°C. Summer is comfortabl...
  • Transportation
    Airport Delingha Airport Delingha Airport(IATA:HXD,ICAO:ZLDL) is located in Delingha city, the main city of Haixi prefecture. It is about 29 kilometers away from downtown, and at an elevation of 2,860 m. Following Xining Caojiapu Internationa...
  • Dinning
    Finger Mutton Finger mutton is a special dish which you eat mutton with bare hands. It is a tradition that was inherited from generation to generation among herdsmen and hunting tribes on the grassland, and also seen as a welcoming ceremony of visit...
  • Shopping
    What to buy: Eight Treasures of the Sea “Eight Treasures of the Sea” refer to eight luxury seafood products such as shark fin, sea cucumber, swim bladder, and abalone. They are thought to be of high medicinal value. Sea cucumbers are very low in c...
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