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Chengde Attractions

  • Putuo Zongcheng Temple

    Putuo Zongcheng Temple

    The Putuo Zongcheng Temple is a Buddhist temple group established in Qing Dynasty, located at the north of the Chengde Mountain Resort. It was built to commemorate Emperor Qianlong’s 60th birthday as well as his mother’s 80th birthday, and it was established after the Potala Palace of Tibet, whic... Read more>>
  • Eight Outer Temples

    Eight Outer Temples

    The Eight Outer Temples is located in the northeast of Chengde Mountain Resort, which was served as summer resorts in Qing Dynasty. “Eight Outer Temples” is a collective name for twelve temples sitting outside Gubeikou, a segment of the Great Wall. Together with the Mountain Resort of Chengde, th... Read more>>
  • Pule Temple

    Pule Temple

    The Pule Temple is located at the northeast of Chengde Summer Resort in Hebei Province, occupying 2.4 hectares. The temple features a combination of Chinese-style and Tibetan-style structures. The Pule Temple can be divided into two parts. The front area consists of Chinese-style structures while t... Read more>>
  • Imperial Summer Palace of Mountain Resort

    Imperial Summer Palace of Mountain Resort

    The Imperial Summer Palace of Mountain Resort is composed of a large group of buildings including imperial palaces and gardens located in the city of Chengde in Hebei, China. Embracing a large quantity of Chinese ancient landscapes and architecture, the Mountain Resort in many ways represents the t... Read more>>
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