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Chengde Travel Season Tips

As a national-famous “summer resort”, Chengde attracts tens of thousands of tourists every year. The most favorable time to visit Chengde is from April to October when you can experience different and unique charms in different seasons. Chengde belongs to the continental climate so it has four distinct seasons and the temperature varies greatly between day and night.


Spring in Chengde is warm and dry with little rain or snow. Dust storms sometimes blow in from the Mongolian steppe in spring. April to May is the best months for spring outing.


Summer is the peak seasons for visitors to go to Chengde. Summer is hot and humid. But it is much cool than Beijing, due to the high altitude of at least 1000 meters. Annual rainfall averages nearly 700 millimeters, most of it comes in July and August. Chengde Mountain Resort is a one of the most popular destination when go on a summer travel in China.


You are kindly advised to skip over Chinese Summer Vacation in July and August when you plan your Chengde tours. It is crowded because that many people go to Chengde in summer to see Chengde Mountain Resort and its Eight Outer Temples.


Autumn is also a nice season for traveling to Chengde. Autumn in Chengde is cool with bright and clear sky. Nights in autumn are crisp and chilly, so taking a coat with you is necessary.


From the beginning of September to the beginning of October is regarded as the most suitable time for visiting Mulan Paddock and appreciating the spectacular scenery in late autumn. With a mountain of red maple leaves, everything in the mountain has been dyed.


Winter in Chengde is cold and dry due to the Siberian air masses that move southward across the Mongolian Plateau. Winter is the best time to enjoy the beautiful snowy scenery. Innumerous tourists choose to visit Chengde in winter to enjoy the totally different beauties from the summer ones. In winter, tourists can go skating, enjoy the hot spring, and appreciate Chengde Mountain Resort after snowing.

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