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Wutaishan Attractions

  • Xiantong Temple

    Xiantong Temple

    Located at the foot of the Bodhisattva Summit, Xiantong Temple is the larggest and most captivating temple among the five famous temples in Wutai Mountain, with around 150 monks in residence. Besides, Xiantong Temple together with the White Horse Temple in Luoyang is the two earliest temples in Chi... Read more>>
  • Tayuan Temple

    Tayuan Temple

    Tayuan Temple or the Great White Pagoda is a brick stupa located at the south of the Xiantong Temple in Wutai Mountain. As one of Wutai Mountain's most symbolic sights, Tayuan Temple is best renowned for housing the Great White Pagoda. Read more>>
  • Nanchan Temple

    Nanchan Temple

    Nanchan Temple is located 22 kilometers southwest of Wutai County. A prayer hall that has been preserved in the temple is considered the oldest existing wooden structure in China dating from the Tang Dynasty. Read more>>
  • Bodhisattva Summit

    Bodhisattva Summit

    Bodhisattva Summit is the largest lama monastery in Wutaishan area. With its glorious design and golden roof, the temple looks dazzlingly brilliant and splendid as if it is a royal palace. Read more>>
  • Dailuoding

    Dai Luoding

    Located at Taihuai Town, Dai Luoding is a small mountain peak with a temple constructed on the summit. The temple is therefore called Dai Luoding Temple. It's where the ancient emperors made the prayer to Manjusri, the Bodhisattva of wisdom. Read more>>
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